Welcome to BayesForge


BayesForge.com (BF) is a docker image that provides each user a personal file system with buttons to start, edit, run, save Jupyter notebooks of various kinds (Bash, Python 3, R and Octave, which is an open source Matlab clone). BF also allows you to store other types of files, like txt, py, jpg, etc. BF comes preloaded with an extensive collection of open source software, including Anaconda, most of the R distribution, Tensorflow, etc. The entrance directory of BF contains 3 folders: Classical, Quantum and Utilities. The Classical folder contains software for doing classical AI (e.g., Tensorflow/Edward, pymc3, bnlearn) and the Quantum folder contains a large collection of the most popular quantum software by IBM, Google, Rigetti, etc. Users can install or remove modules.